Frame and fork Amsterdamer

3500g – 450€

Made from chromoly steel assembled with brazed sleeves.
Although quite heavy, it has been made to measure and is very comfortable, robust and shock absorbing. Easy to solder, you can fix it wherever in the world, unlike aluminum, titanium or carbon frames.


Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14

1700g – 1120€

Changing gears has never been smoother. The Rohloff speedhub haa a wide range of gears which makes it possible to climb a 15% slope with a fully loaded bike! Perfect chain line, changing gear while stationed, minimum maintenance and a 100 000 km warranty… What more can you ask for?


Schwalbe Marathon Mondial Evo 50-559

740g (x2) – 53€ (x2)

Perfect for roads, tracks and trails. Theses tires are light, foldable, efficient and very robust. I’ve cycled more than 10 000 km before needing to replace them!


Rim aluminium Rigida Big Bull double walled

690g (x2) – 30€ (x2)

Ultra-resistant rims, stable and rigid. Designed for mountain biking.


Magura HS 33

464g (x2) – 75€ (x2)

These hydraulic rim brakes are reliable, powerful and precise. However, they are difficult to fix on the road because of their unusual technology.


Brooks B17

520g – 70€

The most important is the bicycle seat. I couldn’t think of going on the road without a Brooks and not being able to sit down anymore because of the pain. This is THE ultimate reference for long term cycle touring.


Multigrip handlebar

440g – 15€

Allows you to change your body position depending on where you grip the handlebars. Very convenient for long cycling days.


Rohloff chain tensioner

111g – 80€

I cycled without this from London to Buenos-Aires. At first it was fine, but the chain stretched out with the time so I needed to pull back the wheel every 1500 km and occasionally remove a chain link to keep good tension. I decided to buy that chain tensioner for a better chain and sprockets performance.


Chain KMC X1

307g – 35€

Extremely strong chain specially designed for Rohloff speedhubs.



210g – 50€

This lock protects the saddle and the wheels against robbery. Thanks to its individually coded nut/screw (over 850 types of code), you can only unscrew it with the coded PIT key.


Tubus Duo

550g – 70€

With a manufacturer’s warranty of 30 years, this chromoly carrier is indestructible! Be careful though not to overload the bags (15kg max) if you don’t want risking it coming off.


Tubus Locc

1050g – 80€

With a manufacturer’s warranty of 30 years, this chromoly carrier is indestructible!


Ortlieb Back-Roller Classic

1900g – 120€

Waterproof, robust and spacious. I store my clothes and camping gear inside. It has always remained dry in all weather (even half submerged in water during river crossings).


Ortlieb Front-Roller Classic

1590g – 95€

Waterproof, robust and spacious. I store my tools, food and kitchen gear inside. These bags were more in contact with the ground than the other bags because the Tubus Duo carrier is low down to have a lower center of gravity. The bottom part is made from a less resistant material which ripped in many places.


Ortlieb Ultimate6 Classic

710g – 70€

This bag is certainly indestructible. The materials are rigid and much thicker than the other Ortlieb bags. Easily accessible even while driving, this is the perfect spot to put your cameras, wallet and sunglasses.


Ortlieb Large Rack-Pack

910g – 80€

Waterproof, robust and spacious. Attached on top of the rear Tubus carrier it remains easily accessible. It’s where I put the tripod, the tent and the backpack I keep with me at all times.



100g – 15€

Simple, light and durable. I use this small system to attach the stove gasoline bottle to the frame to keep it out of the Ortlieb bags.



2000g – 150€

Mountain bike pedals, bottles carrier, mudguards, dynamo, front rear lights,…



Lezyne Road Drive

96g – 35€

A small aluminium pump. Strong, light and efficient.


Topeak Mini 20 Pro Bike Multi Tool

151g – 30€

20 different accessories gathered in a single tool to be able to deal with any repairs.


Leatherman Rebar

190g – 68€

Light, extremely solid with a perfect finish. This tool is made to last.


Rohloff oil change kit

90g – 18€

The only maintenance the Rohloff speedhub needs is an oil change once a year or every 5000 km. It can be difficult to find that kind of oil on the way, so it’s better to have some in reserve.



Sigma BC1412 ALTI Wired

100g – 43€

A simple wired bike computer that gives speed and altitude information and has a battery life of several years.


Anker Astro E5

318g – 35€

People ask me all the time how I charge my gadgets. A solar panel? A dynamo? No, nothing is better than that little usb battery capable of charging my camera, GoPro, telephone and speakers up to 7 times before needing to be recharged!


Bike speackers Ivation

145g – 23€

When the scenery is boring, nothing is better than a bit of music to keep the rhythm. These speakers are powerful enough to cover the traffic noise without completely blocking it out, which would be dangerous.


Mini compass

18g – 8€

One of the best purchases I’ve made for the trip. I quickly stopped using a map but use that compass all the time!


Petzl Tikka² XP

88g – 40€

This headlamp becomes an Indispensable tool when night falls to find a place to camp, to pitch the tent or to cook. It’s light, powerful and has great autonomy.



165g – 5€

I use it more to entertain kids than to warn of danger. When Abi is outside while I’m in a restaurant or a store, the horn gets regularly squeezed by random curious folks, which is generally followed by laughs.



Hilleberg Unna

2200g – 460€

All seasons freestanding dome tent, simple, strong and large. It offers enough space to put the bags inside or even permits two people to sleep.


Millet Hiker Reg

1360g – 160€

An extremely comfortable and warm duck down sleeping bag for a good night’s sleep (0°C comfort temperature). Only drawback, it is a bit large folded.


Big Agnes Insulated Air core

624g – 70€

You want to sleep well after a big day on a bike! Very good insulation, comfortable and compact.


Hamac 2 persons Ticket to the Moon

600g – 40€

Extra light and resistant, thanks to its parachute fabric. Perfect for naps or clear nights.




66g – 14€

A simple, elegant, resistant and cheap steel knife.


Snow Peak Titanium Mini Solo Cook Set

155g – 65€

Compact, lightweight and durable thanks to its titanium alloy. This pan is perfect for one person.


Foldable bol

80g – 10€

Lightweight and compact.


Primus OmniLite TI

341g – 169€

This stove works with gas, petrol, diesel, paraffin and kerosene. It’s lightweight and indestructible!


Titanium spork

17g – 13€

The 3in1 is ergonomic, durable and lightweight.


6L MSR dromedary bag

247g – 45€

I fill it in the late afternoon before finding a place to camp. The water tastes like plastic but can be used for cooking, showering and washing.



Lifesystems Solo Traveller First Aid kit

645g – 35€

First aid kit includes everything needed in case of minor injuries and a complete set of scalpels, sterile needles and syringes.


Chlorine tablets

52g – 6€

To kill bacteria and viruses that could make you stay in the toilets for a good week. I use neutralizing tablets from the same brand to remove the chlorine odor and taste.


Travel insurance Worldnomads


Insurance for the entire world with the possibility of term extension on the go by internet. Specialized in sports, it is the only insurance specifying the practice of cyclo-tourism in its contract.



200€ (I only paid for the rabies and yellow fever, the rest was paid by the UK national health service)

Yellow Fever, Rabies, Tetanus / Diphtheria / Polio, Hepatitis A / B, Typhoid, Meningitis A/C/Y/W.





The best way to protect you from the dust and the sun. It will never fly away while you go downhill like a normal hat would do.


Merrell Moab Ventilator

680g – 100€

Comfortable, durable, ultra ventilated. My first set was stolen after five months of travel, I bought other ones as soon as I could.


cycling short


Even if the Brooks saddle is very comfortable, I wear these padded cycling shorts on long bike days.


Patagonia M10

230g – 240€

The lightest hardshell jacket on the market. Waterproof, breathable and windproof!


Convertible pants Craghoppers

340g – 60€

I always wear shorts while cycling. These can be transformed into pants at night to protect me from mosquitoes. Its resistant fabric is treated with an antibacterial solution (prevents odors), an insect repellent and 40+ UV protection.


T-shirt Trekmates Bamboo

130g – 20€

Bamboo fiber is naturally antibacterial and dries quickly. I can wear this shirt for days without it getting smelly.

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