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“Quand on partait de bon matin
Quand on partait sur les chemins
À bicyclette”

Abi is m’Abi-cycle, my pretty blonde, my strong stallion.
When I sit down on her we become one, a wheeled man.


I spent three years sitting down in front of a computer making huge amounts of money creating toilet paper commercials…
The future was all mapped out but I turned my life around completely and started living like a hobo on wheels. I like to get lost and enjoy having all of the free time I want, and choose my itinerary based on the people I meet. Then, when I get bored and lose interest, I settle somewhere and get back to work, get some rest and start all over again.


I was far from thinking that Anabel will join us on the trip. Especially because she didn’t know how to ride a bike two months before leaving! But love and a desire of change precipitated her decision. She quitted her job and her city life to sit on Abi, converted in a tandem for the occasion! We hope reaching Venezuela, her birth country, for Christmas.

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Abi is great but I easily get bored with her… In Argentina I met Iba who is much more talkative.
At only one year old, the young border collie already speaks three languages and has decided to join me on the trip around the world!

Travel mates

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Londres – Paris

Dennis & Johnny

The most difficult part is the first push of the pedal. Dennis and Johnny helped me a lot with that. Fifteen people joined me on the first day of my trip from London. Both of them kept pedaling for a week until we reached Paris.

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Sidi ifni – Laayoune


“Be the change you want to see in the world” Mahamata Ghandi
From Chili to Kilimandjaro, Lelo cycles around the world by bike getting funds to grant the studies of young Tanzanians who want to study environment protection.
Lelo had cycled more than 45 000 km when I meet him in a small moroccan village. We cycled two weeks together in the Sahara desert where we experienced the amazing generosity of the locals.


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Santa cruz – Natal

Xavier & Paul

They welcomed me aboard their sailboat Lullaby to cross the Atlantic ocean. Two friends who discovered they had a common dream and decided to make it happen. They quit their job, bought a sailboat, fixed it and left on a transatlantic cruise!
With the crew members Luc, Anais, Marie-Hélène and Jérôme, we spent two months sailing, hiking, fixing, exploring, meditating, cooking and arguing!

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Salvador – Rio de Janeiro

Xavier & Cyril

Xavier started his trip from Belgium and almost used the same itinerary as mine but one month later. We met in Salvador, Brazil and decided to continue the trip together. Cyril, whom we met in a hostel, bought an old bike to join us for few weeks. We made our way zigzagging between the mountains toward the south. Our paths split in Rio de Janeiro after three months of intense adventures.

El Calafate – Mendoza


At 52 years old, my father took three months of vacation to join me on the Patagonian roads. The team worked perfectly and we traveled 3200 km between fjords and mountains enjoying the best camping spots in the world. He really loved it and is likely to join us later on the road…

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